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Setup iPhone Hosting

Quick and easy tutorial on how to setup iPhone your Email App with your Hosting email account. Hosting email settings for iPhone devices.

iPhone email settings are very similar despite the version number so our tutorial should easily adapt to any iPhone.

Android Email

This email setup guide is also available for other devices like Mac, PC, Android, etc. Just choose your option in our menu.


These are the most common settings BUT you should ONLY use the ones provided by your Hosting service.

Incoming server settings (POP3): mail.yourwebsite.com | port 110 | security type: None
But in it can also be mail.anotherserver.com | port 995 | security type: SSL (Accept all certificates)

Outgoing server settings (SMTP): mail.yourwebsite.com | port 587 | security type: None
But in it can also be mail.anotherserver.com | port 465 | security type: SSL (Accept all certificates)
Requires sign-in with your username (your email) and password (provided by your hosting provider)

Never delete emails from server BUT ONLY IF you frequently use a computer to also check your emails!
use your phone as your only email device!

When you check/download your emails into your phone you are just receiving a copy of those emails.
The original emails are kept on your hosting account waiting to be deleted.
Since there is no option to delete emails from server after you download them, they will just keep piling up.
Your hosting account will run out of space in no time and your email service will stop working.
A computer downloads and keeps your emails only in your hard drive. You will never run out of space!
ALSO, if you lose, drop and damage, or even update your phone, you will lose your emails forever.
A computer has no such risks and you are also able to backup your emails.

Agora imagine que esse é você:
Seu nome: Pedro Silva
Sua empresa: TecnoSilva
Seu website: www.tecnosilva.com
Seu email: info@tecnosilva.com


Step One

Click Settings on your iPhone.


Step Two

Search for, and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


Step Three

Select Add Account.

Step Four

Select your option.


Step Five

Select Add Mail Account.


Step Six

Insert your data as in the following picture and click Next.


Step Seven

Insert your data as in the following picture and click Save.


Step Eight

Although it seems you're done, you should confirm the data iPhone decided to automatically introduce for you.
Click Settings again.


Step Nine

Again, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars


Step Ten

Select the account you have just created.


Step Eleven

In this menu you should acess and modify two options:
SMTP and Advanced:


Step Twelve

In the same menu from step 11 select SMTP and then select your email..


Step Thirteen

Confirm that your data is like in the picture and return to step eleven.


Step Fourteen

Again from step 11 select Advanced and confirm your data is like in the picture.


Configure o seu email em mais dispositivos: